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Social media content within minutes, for every channel!

If you work in the marketing department of a worldwide enterprise and want to address a young target group, social media content is key. The strategy works best with high-quality content, a high post frequency and fast output. There is only one weak point: the content production itself. 

Due to long coordination and production paths, the required speed of social media campaigns is often slowed down. Warner Music Germany also faced this challenge.
To promote new songs by their high-profile artists, Warner regularly provides teaser and release content for singers such as Ed Sheeran, Robin Schulz and Ava Max to post on their channels. 

The artist posts – the viewer spots it – the whole world listens to it. But this approach only works if the content for Instagram and Facebook can be provided quickly and with high quality. 

How it went on

And that's exactly why we partnered with the digital experience agency Recordbay.
We provided the technical framework, and Recordbay created concept and design.

The result is a creative content automation template that allows Warner Music Germany's marketers to produce social media content in different formats, for different channels and in different looks, without having to rely on the help of external designers.
The different looks are generated through various effects and fade-ins predefined by Warner, which can be selected via drop-down menus.
In this way, the recognition value of Warner is always maintained, but always a little different. All the content is being rendered in the cloud in a matter of seconds. 

And that's how easy it is for Warner Music Deutschland to distribute content around the world and address an international audience.
Want to know how creative media content automation can make your marketing easier? 


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