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VARYCON is the operating system for Creative Automation. Start to produce media content independently and in-house at the highest quality level.

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Creative automation describes a partially automated production of media content and is the most efficient approach in order to serve your clients with the right content in-time. Create your single point of truth for an efficient and scalable production pipeline.

Start setting up for scalable media production at the highest quality level with us. Create your media content in all formats according to a 360° communication and adapt, internationalise or personalise it according to your target group. All in line with the corporate design and corporate identity of your brand and on a secure, browser-based, corporate-ready platform.
Reduce production costs, achieve faster time-to-market and create content that is more scalable and measurable.

Create your own product line

Fast production times and direct distribution, simple set ups of A/B testing and straightforward adaptations based on data analysis are the future. Reduce the dependency on external service providers to increase go-to-market times and serve your customers faster.

What you see is what you get

Serve your target audience and markets on a global and local level with personalized content. Update your content in minutes by a "what you see is what you get" process to minimize coordination.

One process, multiple results

Deliver multiple messages and different communications for multiple channels and formats in one process. Adaptations, internationalisations, localisations and personalisations simply on the basis of CI-compliant templates.

More scalability and possibilites

By a creative automation strategy, media content can be produced in minutes. Different product videos, with target-based claims and internationalizations are easy to handle.
Create more content - automated, scalable, target-based. How it works?

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Use the power of AI to be even more productive

Secure, scalable creativity

The use of AI in the process of creative content creation is not only currently a significant topic that marketers, brand managers and companies in general should address.

Focus on the safe use of the best AIs for the even more scalable production of media content.

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Multiple formats in minutes

More messages, more variation

Cost-efficient production

Scalable automation

Consistency over formats

No loss of creativity or quality

Create impactful content by creative automation.

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