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The production of a single video or content piece usually devours a lot of time and money. If adaptations have to be done for different markets, individual customers or multi-segment testings, it starts all over again.

That's where VARYCON comes in. It’s full-service packages for marketing teams and a customizable self-service platform for company integration make video and content adaptation comfortable and easier than ever before.

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VARYCON for Marketing-Teams

VARYCON offers specialised full-service packages for your marketing-team that make your videos ready for localized, personalized and multi-segmented campaigns. Get in touch and experience how easy video adaptation can be ­­­- even on a large scale.


Localization of products, translations, professional voice-over production – VARYCON ONE is ready for your localization challenge. Learn more about VARYCON ONE’s localization service on our product page.
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Reach individual customers on a personal level. VARYCON ONE helps you to use your videos and content for personalized campaigns and business cases.
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You want to do a multi-segment testing with your videos? VARYCON ONE is open for complex projects and makes your videos and content pieces ready for your customer segments.
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VARyCON For Companies

Customize videos yourself at the highest professional level. VARYCON PRO can be completely integrated into your company and creates interfaces to all relevant databases. The VARYCON PRO team helps you with the integration into your company, advises you on building your content pipelines and creates a customized CMS for you. Learn more about all the features on the overview page.

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