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Embracing the Future: Navigating the Intersection of AI, Personalization, and Automation in 2024’s Marketing Strategies

The following article was published first on on 30 March 2024.

VARYCON was founded in Mönchengladbach, Germany in 2019 and currently employs 25 people. The company has been bootstrapped so far. They are building a B2B SaaS platform, combining different AI technologies to help enterprises (especially in the FMCG) sector to build in-house production pipelines for content (including social posts, banner ads, TV spots, and more) that can easily be internationally adapted. This is especially useful for companies that don’t have dedicated marketing teams in some of the markets they are active in but still need localized content at scale.
In the ever-evolving landscape of 2024’s creative automation, the tapestry of marketing strategies and campaign executions has been transformed dramatically. Here Varycon delves into the four pivotal facets of this transformation:

1. The Art of Personalization
The dawn of true personalization in content creation has arrived, catering not just to broad groups but to the nuanced preferences of each customer. In the wake of the demise of third-party cookies, companies are urged to innovate in harvesting data. This calls for a strategic enticement of customers to willingly share their preferences and personal details, perhaps through a personalized customer account. The challenge lies in crafting content that resonates deeply with consumers, fostering a bond of trust and reflecting their aspirations. Mass-produced messages are relics of the past; today’s era demands bespoke communication tailored to individual needs and distributed through the most relevant channels.
Herein lies the essence of automation’s role: sculpting content that is both segment-specific and intimately personalized.

2. Scalable Automation and Varied Formats

The contemporary corporate landscape shuns the idea of a uniform message across all platforms. Instead, there’s a drive to individualize content for each digital touchpoint. This necessitates not only innovative conceptualization but also a labour-intensive adaptation to a multitude of formats.
Picture creating a banner set in various orientations and dimensions, meticulously adjusting each element. Automation emerges as a saviour, offering the ability to generate templates that can effortlessly morph designs across different formats. This slashes the time and effort significantly, turning hours of work into mere minutes.

3. The Role of AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence has etched its place in the marketing realm. However, companies are still navigating the ‘how’ and ‘where’ of integrating AI into their processes. The key lies not in the haphazard deployment of multiple AI tools but in seamlessly weaving AI into production and adaptation workflows.
The focus should be on identifying points where AI can profoundly impact production timelines, subtly enhancing content creation and customization.

4. Redefining Campaign Planning and Execution

Planning and executing campaigns for large corporations is traditionally a time-intensive venture, fraught with coordination challenges and inflexibility in responding to unforeseen changes. To counter these challenges, companies increasingly establish internal units or in-house agencies to manage post-production and adaptation, thus enhancing responsiveness and coordination. Moreover, rethinking campaign structures is imperative. Questions about the degree of individuality and adherence to corporate identity are pivotal. By embracing automation, companies can achieve greater agility and predictability in their content.

As we witness these shifts in creative automation, it becomes clear that the future of marketing is intertwined with the nuanced use of technology, a harmonious blend of personalization, automation, AI integration, and strategic campaign planning.
This is the new paradigm in the world of marketing and corporate communication – a realm where technology and human insight coalesce to forge more impactful and resonant connections with audiences.

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