Where we started, why we started.

Our background is in media production but combined with our expertise in digital production and development, we have several decades of experience in automation and scalability.

Having worked with several corporate-sized clients, we know the realities, requirements and pain points of media production. Long production processes, many rounds of internal and external coordination and high costs in terms of money and time are just some of the difficulties we have tackled. Thats why we wanted to change this!

VARYCON combines the tools that are used in professional media production, but at a single point of truth and easy to use for every employee of a company without a lack of quality.

This means that there is no need to establish several individual services and products in the company, but only VARYCON as one corporate-ready solution, which, thanks to its open architecture, also allows for further expansion and the connection of additional tools. 
We are multi-pentested, cloud-based and thus ready to implement in your corporate structure.

We are driven by the constant search for ways to make the production of media content in different formats and for different touchpoints even more efficient, simple and innovative for our customers. So you can empower your content production pipeline.

What it all leads to

We already have a strong operating system for the adaptation, personalisation and internationalisation of media content. But we don't want to rest on our laurels, which is why we are always researching and developing how we can make the platform even better for our customers.

GenAI is one of the biggest topics that brands and companies are currently dealing with and will continue to deal with in the future. We already orchestrate the big players in their disciplines in VARYCON and test the possibilities that are on the market. In this way, we offer our customers a playground to enrich their media content production with AI and to automate it even further.

Our vision is to expand the production line and functionalities of automation in VARYCON. The analysis of media and customer data to precisely determine the target groups and the generation of AI-based assets, such as product tags, claims and voice-overs, will take place in VARYCON in future in order to distribute the output to online and offline touchpoints in a hyper-personalised manner.

Moving away from mass communication with wastage towards individual, personalised content with added value for customers and their target group segments and to increase satisfaction and sales figures.

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