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The expertise of our team does not come by chance, but through our years of experience in the field of media production.

Working with our clients, we know the problems that arise in content creation, adaptation, internationalisation and personalisation. From social media posts and HTML banners for e-com to TV productions, we have realised projects of all sizes. We know the tools that are used and the processes.

This knowledge, coupled with expertise in computer science and software development and a strong drive to explore and test new technologies, is what we use with and for our clients to empower them with VARYCON in media content creation and to build secure, scalable, automated production pipelines and processes.

To accompany our customers on their way to automated content production, we work in three streams: Fundamental, Project and Discovery.

In this way, we cluster the requirements and wishes of our customers, work out roadmaps together and ensure constant transparency.

Fundamental Stream
Project Stream
Discovery Stream

Our Expertise

Workflow Reviews

To know how we can best help you with new ways and solutions, we first need to know the structures that have been established in your company and tools that are already being used.

Based on a "now" state and the vision of how to work in the future, as well as wishes for new workflows, we can define ways in which a fully comprehensive production line can also be established at your company.

Design Scalability Audits

In our design scalability audits, we review the current CD and work out proposals that pay off in terms of automated and even more efficient us.

Is your current corporate design usable for a scalable production of content at all or does it need adjustments and new rules in order to continue to be used for the automated production of media content?

Video Asset Consulting

Of course, the CD also includes guidelines for the production of video and animated content. Here, too, small adaptations in the previous way in which delivered assets are shot and delivered can already have a major impact in the direction of automated production.

Together with you, we analyse the existing processes, provided files and develop new guidelines.

Templating Workshops

In order to perfectly design the production of media content in-house without having to forego variance, we create templates for recurring and similar content and processes. Within these templates, new content can be easily generated in step-by-step logic.

We work out which templates are needed together with you in workshops.

Technical Consulting

The implementation of new software and tools in an existing company infrastructure requires many agreements. We are at your side and coordinate the coordination with legal departments, your development team and the internal and external creatives with you.

In this way, we get everyone on board transparently and ensure perfect establishment in the company.

Onboarding & Trainings

We don't just provide you with a new tool, our aim is to make you feel fully familiar and comfortable with VARYCON. That's why we organise workshops and training sessions in your company that are tailored to the respective user groups and provide handbooks as well as technical documentation.

In addition, VARYCON also provides various support services within your workspace and teamspace.

The efficient use of AI

GenAI provides us with perfect new features and makes our work easier in order to make the production of media content even more efficient.

The options and providers are increasing every day and it is easy to lose track, which makes it difficult to choose tools and integrate them into existing processes

That's why we test new developments extensively with regard to their secure handling of data and their impact on productivity.

Above all, however, we orchestrate them for you so that they are easy to use for all possible use cases in content creation and work together perfectly to make production even more scalable and efficient.

Here are a few use cases that can already be realised with the possibilities of AI in VARYCON.

Speech-to-text / Text-to-speech

Speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies are versatile tools for media content creation. Speech-to-text can be used to transcribe voice overs from videos to make them available for translation, for example. This basis is used for text-to-speech, with the help of which translations can be easily created and converted as voice overs and used directly for internationalisations.

Both technologies not only streamline the content creation process, but also increase the reach and level of inclusion.

Target-based claims

AI can significantly increase the effectiveness of targeted advertising by making it more data-driven, adaptive and personalised. Based on defined target customers or audiences, claims can be suggested and used directly to generate customised video content. In this way, A/B testing can be carried out efficiently, wastage avoided and advertising budgets used in a targeted manner.

Image Outpainting

Image outpainting with AI refers to a creative process in which AI systems generate content that extends or expands an existing image.
This is f.e. of enormous advantage when creating HTML banner sets. A basic image can be logically expanded in such a way that several formats – landscape, portrait formats and square formats – can be created automatically and in one go.
One approach, many formates. The creation of complete sets can be realised on the basis of one reference format.

Automated post creation

Similar to the creation of target-based claims, the generation of descriptive texts for social media posts and associated hashtags can also be carried out by AI based on simple prompts or the selection of a target group. Especially in combination with the creation of claims and the general creation of content in-house brings a significant increase in time-to-market and analysis data. In this way, (potential) customers can be addressed in a personalised and in-time manner.

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