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Three simple steps for more video content in your company

Legions of marketing, sales and communications professionals around the world toil over the challenges of video production. Long coordination processes regularly take up a large part of arranged budgets and time contingents.

Nevertheless, videos are the "must have" content, as they are very effective in attracting the attention of different stakeholders. And their areas of application are also diverse, such as landing pages, sales meetings, email marketing campaigns (internal and external), brand and image campaigns, how-to or product videos.

Videos for all stages of the customer journey

It is therefore not surprising that most companies are increasing their investment in video content to meet the growing demand for video throughout the customer journey.

According to statistics, 47% of larger companies (with annual revenues of more than $500 million or more) use a combination of internal and external resources to produce their video content. While smaller (with annual revenues of less than $25 million or more) and mid-sized companies (with annual revenues of $25 million to $499 million or more) use only internal resources to shoulder this work.

Video production: A complex process?

Whether produced with internal or external resources, a large part of the time (and budget) is spent discussing adjustments.

You have received a first version and then you are stuck in a tedious coordination process with emails written back and forth, seemingly endless phone calls and meetings. Not to mention the time you lose waiting for your adjustments.

A smart way to adapt videos

Is there a way to make this process more efficient? Adapting videos with VARYCON is done in three simple steps:

1. Provision of data
To start your project with VARYCON, you provide us with the open data of your video and brief us on the parts of the video that need to be adapted. Possible elements can be e.g. texts and claims, packshots, logos, single scenes, longer sections, animations, music and voice overs. In short: everything!

2. Preview and adaptation
Afterwards, we create a preview video according to your specifications so that you can get an impression of what the finished result will look like. If you have any change requests, we will be happy to incorporate them into your project.

3. The result
We produce adapted videos according to your ideas. So you have hardly any effort and can start directly with the distribution.

With the VARYCON full service you have hardly any management effort, because you get everything in one package, so that you are ready to distribute your videos.

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