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How a smart production workflow helps you to get the most out of your ads for Netflix Basic

A major lever for saving costs in production is the final compilation of creative assets to final content pieces and their adaptation for different formats (e.g. 1:1, 16:9 etc.). Why? Because this step usually requires a lot of time and manpower on the part of agencies. However, there are ways to act smarter here. See how…

With VARYCON templates, the final content pieces of a campaign can be prepared step-by-step within a CMS and for final use.The creative agency provides the individual campaign assets (videos, key visuals, etc.) in advance in the company's DAM or directly on VARYCON. Within the VARYCON template, the assets can not only be finally compiled and provided with core messages or prices, but also directly prepared and adapted for the targeted formats and channels. Final content pieces can be rendered in high-resolution directly in the browser in VARYCON and are available for delivery. 

Cost savings through template approach and transparent delivery

VARYCON's template approach not only saves companies budget for content production and adaptation, but also time. Due to the production within the CMS, the entire process is stringently organized so that each work step is clear. Even changes that previously had to be made by specialists (e.g. replacement of slogans, prices or products) can be carried out independently. A production workflow designed in this way significantly shortens the time-to-market of a campaign and reaction times to current events.

To ensure the quality of final content pieces, VARYCON works with a rights & roles system that allows content pieces to be rendered in high quality only after approval. Through our partner Extreme Reach, we enable clients for direct delivery to all required channels and a transparent analysis of the success - even on Netflix Basic. The services of our partner also reduces the time-to-market of your campaign.

Together you get a perfect end-to-end pipeline for all your campaigns. Get in touch!

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