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How Salesforce boosts its invitation process with VARYCON

An invitation gives the first impression of an event. It is the figurehead and should arouse interest in attending the event. It should also arouse curiosity.

A personalised invitation to an event once again shows a person's appreciation. It is not an invitation that could theoretically be on any office desk, but one that is only intended for one person.

Create a big impact with little effort

Together with our client Sales Force, we want to transfer this appreciation and the experience of receiving a physical invitation to visit one of the international Innovations Centres, unpacking it and gaining first impressions into the digital world, thus combining online and offline experience.

In order to easily create personalised invitation videos and integrate them directly into an AR experience, Sales Force has relied on VARYCON since Q1 2022.

With the help of VARYCON's Media Content Creator, personalised invitations to one or countless people can be generated in minutes with just a few clicks or via bulk upload option, which are then integrated into an AR Experience in a fully automated way.

The result is a simple QR code that only needs to be printed on an invitation and sent to the customer immediately. 

The user receives the invitation, opens the AR experience by scanning the QR code and is addressed directly in a personalised video and receives initial information from his or her contact about what to expect during his or her visit!

Create impactful content by creative automation.

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