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Rethinking video content

For several years now, video content has been one of the most important marketing and communication tools for brands and companies. And there are no signs that this will change any time soon. 86 percent of companies already use video on their website, 77 percent use video on social media.

Despite these high percentages, many companies struggle to develop a video strategy - let alone implement it consistently and continuously.

According to statistics, marketers who rely on video content receive 66 percent more qualified leads per year than marketers who do not. It is therefore easy to understand why 83 percent of marketers would increase their video output if time, resources or budget did not stand in their way.

Video Content: Need vs. Hurdles

To make the best of this difficult situation, marketers, advertisers and communicators are constantly looking for ways to balance video production with tight budgets.

There are usually two ways to do this:

The first way is to produce many low-budget projects. This usually means working with either small external or internal teams and producing a bunch of content on the fly.

The second way is the expensive option, like the elaborately produced image film. Which has to be played for years because adjustments and updates would be too costly.

Updating corporate videos as easy as writing a briefing

Is there an alternative to these approaches? Is it possible to rethink video content production while making it more cost-effective and of higher quality?

These questions were crucial to the development of VARYCON. The goal was to develop a tool that would allow video content owners to fully customise their footage on their own, without any prior knowledge of video editing. It should not be more than writing a briefing for an external agencies, but with a very huge difference: After typing in the information which normally would be placed in a briefing document, the user clicks on a button and the result is delivered in minutes.

Extend the lifecycle of your video content and reduce costs

Whether it's replacing text, graphics or entire scenes: With VARYCON, all changes can be easily made by yourself in an intuitive interface or managed through one of our full-service packages.

Why is this an advantage for companies that want to develop or sharpen their own video strategy?

VARYCON not only extends the life cycle of video content, it also reduces costs and editing times. It speeds up internal coordination processes, as changes - for example in an international campaign with several teams involved - are made directly by the responsible teams and managers.

At the same time, VARYCON is a perfect blend of independence and quality assurance. This is because it offers the possibility to provide for a binding approval of preview videos by a workspace manager before team members can render high-resolution versions of new videos without watermarks.

Reliable control of deadlines and costs

Thanks to VARYCON's cloud rendering system, new internationalized videos are created from a single video production within minutes. Changes are confirmed with a simple click and a few minutes later the new video can be downloaded.

During the whole process, users have full control over their costs, as VARYCON works with a simple credit system. It displays spending history and credit status at any time, making it easy to monitor and plan spending. Credits are used to set up new video projects in the system, play low-resolution previews and high-resolution renders.

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