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Managing global campaigns through creative automation

Global brands face a major challenge in rolling out campaigns around the world. Even if the central creative team produces campaign assets quickly and efficiently, this does not always mean that this content can be used by every local team. Prior to this, there are complex adjustments to be made – or not, depending on the effort involved. 

But why do these content adaptations need to be done? Depending on the global market, there may be cultural differences, such as a different language, which means that central content is not suitable for regional roll-out. This results in lots of central assets that cost a lot of time and money to produce, but which cannot be used everywhere. 

The misery can be solved through creative automation and modular campaign or content schemes. 

From core content to localized content

Until now, most companies have created individual digital assets that are then sent to local marketing teams. However, it is not always clear whether these really meet the respective needs of the customers. But with creative automation software, brands now just need some core content that can be automatically adapted to local needs through interchangeable components.

Especially for CPG brands, but also for all other companies and industries, this offers an enormous number of benefits. For example, Teams have greater flexibility and increased speed at a lower cost and without additional work. 

How it works

Imagine your CPG company is launching a new product in several different countries and needs content to support it. You have a list of all the assets needed for the different touch points and channels, for example TVC and other video content with 3D product animations and key visuals with the main claim of the product. 

For the respective assets, your central marketing team also determines various image elements for each piece of content, which have to be adapted depending on the target group or local team, for example 3D labels on the product or the claim, which has to be translated into the respective languages. 

These assets are initially produced once for the central marketing team. And now the real process begins. 

Flexibility despite specifications

In a creative automation platform like VARYCON, the variable components predefined by your team are made flexibly exchangeable and adaptable in the form of a scheme structure. This means that every local marketing team in your company has access to the various campaign templates and can thus make changes to the original assets on their own. 

The defined image elements and guidelines ensure that the CI and the quality of the original content are maintained. So each team adds translations or uploads their respective labels and exchanges 3D textures to get localized assets for all possible channels. At the same time, the look of your CPG brand is maintained internationally. 

Brands save both time and money by transforming their entire workflow, local market activation, and distribution with creative automation.  


As a creative automation platform, VARYCON fits perfectly into existing software architectures. It is browser-based and contains many other functions in addition to the custom templates, for example for collaboration and to simplify international teamwork.

If you want to learn more about VARYCON and an automated campaign structure for your business, contact us.

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