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Get your videos localized – with zero effort and high quality results

For global companies that want to address different markets, one thing is indispensable: marketing content that picks up each and every customer. Video content is a particularly good way to provide information about products or innovations. But without linguistically adapted videos, it is almost impossible for marketers to address customers individually. Managing the localization of videos for various touchpoints is therefore part of the daily business for many companies.

However, the implementation is associated with lots of effort, which not only strains the time available, but also the budget. The new VARYCON service package relieves marketers of the effort of localization and produces linguistically adapted videos through automated processes - quickly, cost-effectively and without compromising on quality. 

Achieving professional results through automation

In contrast to conventional localization projects, which often involve long consultations with external partners, corrections and thus long waiting times, all adaptation and management processes are significantly simplified by VARYCON. But what does this new process look like?

Those who use the service don’t have to do anything other than provide the open data of their chosen video, select the respective languages and indicate which parts – voiceover and/or text overlays – should be translated. In case of a voiceover adaptation, a selection of different speakers is available.  

With VARYCON, video content is edited through automated processes and provided with professional audio files and texts in the desired languages. The automation not only ensures a significantly faster output compared to conventional processes, but also ensures that the original quality of the content is maintained. Those who use the VARYCON service therefore receive professionally translated videos in any desired language within a very short amount of time. 

How VARYCON makes marketing easier

In addition to the accelerated production of localized videos, the VARYCON service also contributes to significantly reduced agency and production costs. Users receive everything in one package and therefore do not have to deal with time-consuming arrangements with various partners and translation agencies.  

The marketing departments are also relieved by the fact that they have hardly any management work, as the entire editing process takes place in VARYCON. The only thing marketers need to do between commissioning and the finished localized video is to preview it. Everything else, including possible consultations with partner and production agencies or the professional translation of sound and text, is part of the localization service. 

In addition, content pieces are scalable in VARYCON and can be transferred to all formats and quality levels or translated into other languages. The corporate identity remains unchanged throughout the company and in every global market. 

If you want to know more about video localization with VARYCON or one of our other services, just contact us. We will be happy to advise you on your individual solution.

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