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With marketing automation on the way to simple creative processes

Automated processes are used in many different areas of marketing. That’s why they have become one of the most important tools to simplify daily tasks such as sending emails. But because of the wide range of possibilities for automated processes in marketing, the use of the term can cause confusion. Now another term joins the list: creative automation. 

In this article, we'll clear up all the confusions, explain why automation in marketing is important, and show why creative automation is essential for modern digital marketing.  

What marketing automation means

But first: What does marketing automation actually mean? It is a broad term for various tools, technologies and solutions designed to make marketing processes more effective and marketers' work more efficient while improving the customer experience. 

This can include simple processes such as automated emails sent after a newsletter subscription, or complex data-based processes that automatically deliver content to specific audiences. There are also applications in Sales, for example in the field of organizing the lead pipeline.

Automation in marketing - what for?

The purpose of marketing automation, in addition to maximizing efficiency, is to improve the customer experience. Automation makes the customer journey faster and more seamless, as automated emails, for example, are sent immediately after the user has taken an action. 

At the same time, marketing becomes more efficient because employees don't have to click the send-button all the time. For this reason, automation can help to increase ROI.  

A key difference compared to non-automated marketing is the use of data. Solutions that allow automation can process user data and automatically integrate it into the workflow so that, for example, personalized content is delivered directly to the target group without marketers having to put a lot of work into it.

Efficient content production through creative automation

But there are not only solutions that process marketing data or trigger email automations. Creative Automation is a newer, modern technology that simplifies the production of marketing content. Thus, content can be produced efficiently and adapted flexibly. One of the biggest challenges in online marketing today is to deliver high-quality content to the market quickly. 

Creative Automation ensures that. Any kind of content such as videos or visuals, once professionally produced, can be automatically adapted with little effort. This is achieved through templates and form structures that make content elements easily modifiable. 

Elements or entire scenes can be exchanged, music, texts and voice overs can be adapted. Not only does this speed up and simplify content production enormously, it also reduces marketing costs that would otherwise have to be spent on the production of many individual pieces of content.

Creative automation technology

With VARYCON Pro, the integration of creative automation into the existing software architecture works easily. Browser-based access and customizable templates enable employees around the world to collaborate on and customize content while maintaining CI. 

If you want to know more about creative automation and content adaptation with VARYCON Pro, feel free to contact us.

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