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Creative sales approach with personalized videos: 5 best practices

Remember that one commercial with that annoying song? Or the video with the message that particularly appealed to you? Some spots and videos manage to stay in our memory despite the abundance of offers. However, the majority disappears completely or is not even noticed. 

But there is one type of video that appeals to us remarkably strong and remains in our minds – namely those that literally appeal to us. Personalized videos are the upgrade for your video marketing.

More relevance and visibility

With the abundance of video content, it's getting more and more difficult for marketers to emerge from the masses of campaigns and become visible for customers. However, the new trend in video marketing promises to help out by addressing recipients personally. The idea behind this is to win customers with exclusive and targeted content that is precisely tailored to them as individuals and ultimately generates more relevance and visibility. 

To give you a better idea of how something like this can look like, we have picked out a few examples for you!

How to increase business transactions

The British finance company Barclay's used personalized videos to attract the attention of their customers and gain new ones. 

Directly in the first sequence, the name of the addressee, in this case Clare, appears in form of lettering. Thereupon she is greeted by a friendly Barclay's employee via voiceover and film. She explains the various credit options available and the advantages Clare could enjoy if she were to make use of her suggestions. 

A car with Clare's name on the license plate and her name on the sign of a small cottage illustrate these benefits more clearly. Barclay's video marketing is a best practice example of how personalized videos can help increase customer loyalty. In addition, the video signals that the employees care about their customers and make an effort to satisfy them. 

Personalized videos spread out as if by magic

You may remember another example of successful video marketing with personalized videos, but it's quite different. A few years ago, Coca Cola advertised its product "Coke light" in a TV commercial with the US actor James Franco. 

The target group of this clip were women, who consume the product more often than men. With a call-to-action at the end of the commercial, Franco called on viewers to visit the manufacturer's website to find out what he found "really sexy" about them. Those who followed this call could personalize a video message and send it out to their friends.

At this point, the marketeers relied entirely on brand identification, which was supposed to typify a casual lifestyle. The personalized messages spread as if by magic – together with the brand logo, of course. 

Emotional messages with great impact

The confectionery manufacturer Cadbury had a similar idea. To promote the "Cadbury Glow" chocolates, customers could become active on the Internet and create their own personalized videos. But unlike with Coca Cola, they did not only have the choice of different sentences, but could also insert their own pictures, names and even a message they had written themselves. 

This clip clearly works on an emotional level. Saying "thank you" to loved ones is a message that hits at heart. But what happens secretly with the recipients and also with the senders of these videos is an identification with the brand.  

A taste of the future

When buying a new car, your customers would certainly appreciate a personalized video that gives them a taste of what their car will be like. The manufacturer Hyundai has done this in a similar way.

After being welcomed into the Hyundai family, the buyer learns a lot about the manufacturer itself. The name of the customer is shown in the beginning and at the end of the video. But personalization can do much more. How about putting the customer's name on the license plate while seeing their new car in action? 

How to create personalized videos

Personalized videos are also very popular outside of large-scale campaigns. For example, they can be used to send personal birthday or Christmas greetings to existing customers or to welcome new employees to the company. 

With the full-service package for personalized videos from VARYCON, you can easily implement your video marketing campaign, because we take care of the complete adaptation of your videos for you. All you have to do is provide us with the open data of your video and give us a briefing about your adaptation wishes. We will send you a preview for approval and then start personalizing your videos.

So, who do you want to address? 

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