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How brands strengthen customer relationship with personalized videos

Briefly think about all the ads you have casually consumed in the last two hours. You probably can hardly remember a single one. The abundance of offers and discounts makes us go blind, because we receive thousands of advertising messages every day. This turns into a problem for you as a marketer when your messages are no longer perceived and are lost in the masses.

Now imagine that there is a way to address your customers so that your company and its values will be remembered. A possibility that treats the consumer as an individual and picks him up where he stands.

Personalized videos – Added value for your marketing strategy

The personal approach in video clips represents a new form of communication that enables you to get in touch with consumers quickly and easily – and in a way that you are heard by them. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube or TikTok have proven that the concept of "video marketing" works.

However, the normal form of video advertising is used too often and is slowly but surely wearing out. By using personalized videos you offer your customers a fresh and unique alternative that will stick in their minds. There are no limits to the imagination and possibilities, so this type of marketing can be used in all areas: whether it is retail, service, tourism, automotive or even the financial sector.

Some brands have already been able to generate eight times better click-through rates through personalisation than with normal e-mail ads or newsletters. At the same time, 81% of marketers recognise a significantly improved customer retention and 98% agree that the use of personalised videos increases customer relations and therefore customer loyalty. But why does personalisation have such an impact on consumers?

Customers love to be surprised. That's why experience marketing is more important than ever. Videos that directly address the consumer and his needs offer such an experience. They take the viewer with them into a small world of their own and give you the opportunity to address them specifically, individually and according to their needs at any time.

How to increase customer loyalty with personalized videos

According to a Salesforce survey, 58% of consumers surveyed say that a personalized experience is very important to them and essential for their purchase. In fact, about 50% of Internet users look for videos that introduce products or services before they even visit a store. Customers want content that is tailored to them so they no longer have to filter the amount of offers themselves. This request can be realised in different ways.

In e-mail marketing, for example, there are many ways to only show customers the content that is really relevant to them, to give them attention and thus strengthen the relationship with the brand. By addressing consumers emotionally you not only increase customer retention, but also have a much greater impact on customer loyalty.

If you address your customer within a video in the form of text or a voiceover, you show them appreciation – after all, he is not just one among many customers, but is perceived by you as an individual. On the other hand, the customer will no longer perceive your brand as just one of many. They will build up an emotional relationship with your company faster than with less personalized advertising alternatives.

Similarly, a personalized invitation to your next corporate event – wrapped in a short, appealing film and sent by e-mail – makes the bond between your company and the consumer seem real and human. The content imitates a real conversation, which strengthens the connection to the brand and increases customer loyalty.The integration of your CRM system and Dynamic Content makes your message even more purposeful. Only show consumers products or services that really interest them and thus make yourself more relevant.

More relevant content, exciting or fun experiences conveyed through videos can also lead to increased brand identification. And those who identify with a brand will be happy to recommend it to friends or acquaintances.

Strengthening the relationship with the customer

However, the new type of experience marketing can also go further. Imagine you are a guest in a hotel that you have never visited before. Even before you start your journey, you will receive a video by e-mail to get you in the mood for your well-deserved holiday. From the screen of your smartphone, the hotel manager greets you by welcoming you personally.

He shows you the most beautiful places in the city and gives you a glimpse that your holiday will be unforgettable. At the same time, you get a glimpse behind the scenes of the hotel and see how the staff is working to ensure your satisfaction and preparing your room, which you will soon be able to enter. 

Throughout the video your name will appear again and again, finally on the door of the room that you have booked. Would you feel welcome and understood in this place? Would it strengthen your anticipation of the journey?

This is exactly the power of personalized videos. With such content you show your customers that you take them and their wishes seriously and understand them. You ensure your hotel guest that you and all other employees are trying to make their stay as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible.

As a guest you automatically feel connected to the company. Because you now have an image of the people behind the brand. The video subconsciously gives the customer the feeling that he has a contact person, with whom he is talking face to face.

This not only offers the guest a surprise effect, but also conveys a feeling of belonging. And it is exactly this experience that can be created for each of your customers – even outside the hotel industry.

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