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An unbeatable combination: physical showroom meets digital twin

Whether it's in-house trade shows, showrooms or trade show booths, digital technologies innovatively enhance and personalize the customer experience for visitors. Many companies are also moving to create a digital twin in addition to physical facilities. 3D technology can be used to create a perfect digital twin from the physical space, which customers can easily access via URL wherever they are. 

With the help of an intuitive control system, the digital space can be discovered on the web in exactly the same way as the physical one. This approach makes perfect sense, as it gives customers who are gripped by the company's spirit or products and services the opportunity to revisit and find out more about everything and new customers get exactly the same experience as in the physical space. With a smart approach, managing both experiences becomes effortless and the customer experience seamless and satisfying.

A seamless experience in both worlds

For both spaces, VARYCON can be used as a management center that not only manages the content of all digital experiences and exhibits, but also makes them personalizable and adaptable to individual customers.

This simple management of both experiences is made possible by VARYCON's unique work- and teamspace approach. Directly on the browser of a computer, employees of a company can operate the intuitive steps that are completely customized to the needs of their company. These guide them step-by-step through customization or update processes, so that changes that previously took weeks and months with agencies are now completed within minutes and on demand.

What are the advantages? With the help of the intuitive CMS structure, even complex media in the physical and digital space can be customized down to the last detail. No expert knowledge is required from the employees responsible for this. 3D products can be exchanged by drag-and-drop, customer logos or slogans can be changed in visualizations, or even complex animations and videos can be adjusted and adapted in terms of content.

Via secured and clever interface management, changes in the physical space can be automatically adopted for the digital space. Users who have already discovered the physical corporate world can thus expect a familiar environment in the digital world as well.

Make an impact with the best CX

For companies, this offers several business advantages at once: on the one hand, customer loyalty is significantly strengthened by the positive experience, and on the other hand, the behavior of users in the digital twin can be analyzed and used to strengthen future experiences. In addition, orders can be placed directly from the digital space or contact can be established with a sales employee without any great detours, for example via chat or order forms.

If you are interested in more information about managing your physical showroom or its digital twin with VARYCON, please contact us. We are happy to advise you!

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