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Ads on Netflix Basic: Why streaming giants are now an important part of your marketing-universe

TV advertising has always been one of the classic advertising formats in the marketing mix of successful companies and brands. In addition to the original linear television, non-linear streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix have become firmly established in living rooms around the world – and of course on your mobile. After taking out a subscription, films can be watched without advertising. However, new subscription and streaming models now also show advertisements. An opportunity for marketers.

As of July 2022, around 220.7 million customers worldwide have a Netflix subscription (source: Handelsblatt, 20.07.2022). With Netflix-Basic, the streaming giant is now offering a low-cost subscription model that relies on inserted advertising due to the recent decline in subscription numbers caused by the big competition from Disney+ and Amazon Prime. Amazon Freevee also uses advertising spots during streaming, but there is no subscription required.

More than TV Advertising: The Targeting Options

Why are the new streaming models from Netflix and Amazon interesting for marketeers? The new streaming models allow marketers to finally reach those target groups that have almost or completely turned their backs on linear television.

Netflix also promises some interesting targeting possibilities. For example, a commercial can be placed specifically during the streaming of a romantic film or only for target groups who prefer thrillers and action films. Of course, it is also possible to exclude the playout of certain content with sexual or violent depictions in order to guarantee brand safety.

One spot that offers many possibilities: Thinking about adaptations for all target groups

The targeting possibilities not only raise the question of the most effective use of campaign assets, but also the question of the most economical strategy for the production of a multitude of format adaptations. After all, format adjustments regularly represent a significant cost driver for many companies. With the new streaming models, there are more to come.

The new channels and targeting possibilities should already be taken into account when designing the campaign. In this way, the assets produced leave enough visual flexibility to be used for different target groups and channels.

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