Why Varycon?

Your Project
is also Our Project

With VARYCON, we have developed a technical platform as a self-service that we pass on to our customers, but we still don't leave them alone!
Not only do we offer you our SaaS platform to scale your media production and control your digital and stationary experiences and touchpoints, but we also support you in converting your processes to an innovative marketing approach.

We are consultants and creatives, but above all we know the processes within large companies and especially the business in the creative sector.
We want to develop the Content Production Automation project side by side and together with our clients and integrate it into the company.

For this purpose, we have a permanent project team at your side that supports you from the first kick-off to creative consulting to the final implementation and far beyond.

What's next?

Your Request
We receive your request and will get in touch with you.
In our first kick off meeting you tell us what you have in mind and we brainstorm how to achieve your goals
Beside the creation of Wireframes to give you more insights on the design, we also create a technical concept to give you the most transparency for our project
When you are fine, we start with the Development Phase and Set Up your Backend based on your needs
When we are aligned on the design we will start with the Creative Development. Herefore we provide you with a click dummy to give you a better feeling on the User Experience and User Interface
Go Live
When everything is tested and we also finished the onboarding phase for your employees, we are ready to go live!

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