Experiences including a high number of content such as showrooms, trade fairs and product presentations are often a one-time show, as adaptations and the exchange of content cannot be controlled and implemented independently.
Yet they could be used in so many ways, for customer events, personalized sales appointments, product launches, etc.

With VARYCON, we make your experience sustainably usable by allowing content to be adapted easily and flexibly. With its simple interface and clear steps, VARYCON offers the possibility to change content quickly and easily.
Content can be easily loaded from the corporate DAM as well as from other externally connected sources and tools.
Changes are thus visible just in time through the direct synchronisation of the content with the experience.

In this way, an individual event with a high degree of personalization can be created for each customer and the experience can also be used worldwide.

Integration & Update von 3D Content

3D models provide a 1:1 representation of the product with all depths and textures, or more generally, all details that can otherwise hardly be shown and described in a 2D view.
Something has changed in your product, there is additional information or there has been a relaunch?
Then simply change the model by exchanging labels, textures and associated content via VARYCON and replace it in your experience at the touch of a button.

CReation of personalized and custom experiences

Personalised experiences and information transfer tailored to the customer significantly increase sales opportunities and also the customer's personal bond with the company.
With VARYCON, you can create customised tours in just a few clicks, even spontaneously on the same day. Increase customer loyalty and the customer's interest in your products and services!

Guided Tour vs. Self Experiences

In self-experienced tours, your customers and users can explore your trade fair or showroom with all its functions and products themselves - in the peace and time they need.
However, if the products require a lot of explanation a Guided Tour is a good option. Here, the customer is guided through the experience by an employee via master client technology and special features or functions of products are explained directly.
The best of both worlds?
A combination of Guided Tour and Self-Experience. Content is explained first, but the user can explore everything again afterwards.

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