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During consultation, we illustrate various individual options for your media configurator in order to develop the best possible solution for your company, its products and teams.

We manage your transformation process!

In a pre-meeting, we jointly determine the individual needs and requirements of your company to evaluate different paths for your custom solution. We also discuss possible ways of team-work to provide you with an efficient workflow and management structure.

We support you with onboarding

After consultation, we set up your individual content configurator according to your ideas and the results of our workshops. To enable all teams to directly get started with content production, they are being prepared for the use of VARYCON in a comprehensive onboarding process.

Production Consulting

How to produce scalable content? With our production consulting, we provide you with everything you need to transform the management and production of your media content.

Transforming demands into scalable solutions

Tailored to your individual requirements, we create template structures in VARYCON that make you pre-produced assets configurable and generate new content through automation. This way, the solution is scalable and can be expanded or adapted at any time.

Structured work with production pipelines

Based on the template structures, we create production pipelines with permissions and roles that ensure all team members know exactly what needs to be done and when.


The question of usability and implementation is an important one – especially when it comes to transforming large-scale structures and established ways of working. For this reason, the integration of VARYCON into existing systems is simple and seamless.

Adapt VARYCON to your infrastructure

As a browser-based cloud solution, VARYCON can be seamlessly integrated into your company's existing infrastructure. On request, we set up interfaces to your systems such as DAM, PIM or MAM. It is also possible to connect VARYCON with existing digital touchpoints.

Secure operations throughout the company

Data security is always guaranteed within the cloud and also via our secure server locations. User roles and rights additionally make sure that only employees with appropriate access can see certain content or use certain data in the platform.


Are you looking for a new marketing or sales solution? With the support of our partner agency Recordbay, we design and implement new scalable solutions for your company from scratch.

Explore creative custom solutions with us

Together, we open up new communication channels and develop formats that we implement as pilot projects. In cooperation with our partners, we form a cutting-edge studio for innovative digital solutions.

Scalable pilot projects tailored to your requirements

Our creative custom solutions are always designed as scalable projects. We develop – you prove and further evolve your specific VARYCON solution as you like.