Companies need a variety of content every day. Be it moving images for social media, TV advertising or internal training measures, static or dynamic ads and postings, content for stationary and virtual experiences. If these are to be created in different variants, languages or personalised, many resources are needed.

With VARYCON, we empower companies to optimise and transform their production pipelines. At the same time, we keep the creativity within the company, but with clear CI specifications. Content can be produced with a few clicks based on modular communication templates and rendered independently in all formats directly from the dependencies.

You want a faster time-to-market? We can help you do it effectively!

How your content factory will look like after the transformation:


Production of content assets via external agency or inhouse agency


Creation of target moving media content, adaptations, internationalizations and personalizations inhouse


Delivery to all channels


The customer is king and content is king!Targeting customers and tailoring content to their needs and wishes still requires more planning and effort. And therefore also costs. Give your customers the attention and appreciation they deserve and consciously use customer data to increase customer loyalty and loyalty to your brand and your company.
An example of personalisation in combination with Web AR technology can be found here.


The creation of international versions of a social media clip or TVC, for example, is usually carried out by fixed partner agencies. However, this means that the creation of a country adaptation takes an incomparably long time and must be planned far in advance.
By creating master templates, we specify the CI guidelines as well as the degree of internationalisation.
In this way, mistakes cannot even happen, but the time to market is significantly increased!

Product Adaptation

For internationalization, but also, for example, to carry out A/B testing in order to test a new product design in target group segments, it is necessary to simply exchange products with different labels or to adjust the price communication.Up to now, this has been associated with a longer time to market, as adjustments have to be made via external service providers.
With VARYCON, videos and offer communication with different product variants can be created and distributed in just a few minutes. Even an ad hoc price adjustment, e.g. in response to a competitor, is no problem.

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