ICD Case

Personalize a hybrid experience: Yes, it is possible!

For their Interactive Customer Center (ICD) in Düsseldorf, which opened in September 2021, Henkel Adhesives needed special content and a solution for the flexible exchange of content within the showroom to offer their customers a personalized experience. The goal was and is to create a personalized tour for each customer or target group through all stations within the ICD, independently available and adaptable in a few clicks.

Therefore, we have once again teamed up with our partner, digital experience agency Recordbay, to create a seamless, real-world experience with digital content, with the highest level of personalisation. To present Henkel Adhesives' adhesive technologies in an understandable and exciting way, Recordbay created a series of experiences including various content, including film and 3D. 

We used our CMS behind the ICD to simplify the management of content at the appropriate points within the ICD and allow staff to share content at different touchpoints within the center, tailoring the experience to the visitor. This also included the easy integration of different language versions.


With our VARYCON technology, it is possible to distribute content directly and without detours from the platform to screens and other digital touchpoints - without compromise. 
The exchange of content is as easy as can be, because it is done with just a few clicks by connecting all relevant data interfaces to VARYCON. 
Creating personalized visits for B2B customers is key for Henkel Adhesives. The customers come from a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace or crafts. They all have very different interests and therefore need different adhesive products for which Henkel is already or can become a supplier. 

The ICD makes it possible to present the entire product range in all its facets without overwhelming visitors with too many solutions that may not be relevant to them. 

Do you also have a hybrid or fully digital touchpoint that you would like to flexibly personalize? Send a message to barbara@varycon.com.

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