combines the expertise in scalable and automated media production by VARYCON and the creative preparation, delivery, and tracking capabilities of Extreme Reach to create a single point of truth for a new type of media production, control and monitoring.

With FOUNDATION, we replace your individual processes and save you time and effort!


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Media configurator

The media configurator allows you to create as much professional content as you need for your business – CI-compliant, internationally scalable and for any type of medium and format.

More suitable content for the entire company

VARYCON provides you with all the resources you need to create content of any kind in-house – with simple template structures that are generated from pre-produced assets or generated from scratch. This way, content can not only be created, but also easily adapted.

The digital transformation of your production process

The new way of content production reduces your dependency on external agencies and saves you time, money and effort. In addition, a sophisticated team management gives you full control over all processes.

Digital signage

VARYCON simplifies the production of videos and animated presentations for all screens outside and inside your company. Create customized moving image content for your individual tochpoints.

Automated content production for all screens

VARYCON facilitates the production of high-resolution videos for all digital signage touchpoints – whether screens at POS, OOH, offline showrooms or in-house screens in the various offices and establishments.

Reaching customers worldwide

Create moving product presentations, offers, and announcements for promotional purposes or internal information through automated processes. Adapt all video formats for different countries and regions to meet each addressee individually.

Virtual fairs & events

Together with our implementation partner Recordbay we design and implement virtual trade fairs and events according to your customers' requirements.

Self-configurable experience

We conceptualize and build your self-configurable experience – without dependency on agencies, without compromise. Once created, VARYCON gives you full control over all the content and what is displayed in your virtual experience.

Sustainable value thanks to scalability

In VARYCON, content such as videos, 3D and presentations are created in-house, managed centrally and placed in the experience seamlessly. This way, you get the most out of your long-lasting, sustainable experience.

Personalized videos

VARYCON enables uncomplicated in-house production of personalized content and campaigns of any form and scale and for any purpose.

Create personalized campaigns and creatives

Easily and automatically create personalized campaign content and advertising materials of any kind – it's not just about personalized videos. Individualize and segment your content as you like by adapting moving image offers, editing personalized videos or individualizing the typo and products of your advertising materials.

Adapted formats for all channels and purposes

Personalized content can be created and adapted in VARYCON for any format and channel. Whether a one-time action or a large-scale campaign – everything is possible. For example, the ability to produce new content inhouse enormously simplifies and accelerates A/B testing.

Training content

Create content for the training of e.g. sales representatives or external distributors and adapt it for worldwide use.

Optimize training content production

Need content to explain complex products, services or how to's in an understandable way? VARYCON allows a scalable production of training content as moving image or in any other format required.

International application thanks to scalability

Once professionally produced, content can be adapted for any country or region. Thanks to the scalable production process, all content can be easily customized in-house according to the respective needs, thus also bridging language barriers.


Whether virtual or analog: VARYCON serves as the command center for your exhibition, where you not only manage content, but also adapt it.

Central management of digital content

Manage all your content from one central platform. Create a content pool in VARYCON that allows you to seamlessly adapt your experience for different purposes and products or extend it to get the most out of it.

Produce, modify, and seamlessly integrate content

Fill up your content pool by producing and modifying content like videos, AR experiences, interactive presentations or app content for all you exhibition touchpoints.


In a showroom, products can be presented in a unique and tangible way. But with the right content and the right handling behind it, you can get much more out of one single showroom.

Create adaptable on the edge solutions

Create a content pool in VARYCON for all your applications in your showroom. With easy adaptation of any type of content and seamless distribution to your showroom, you can quickly create unique personalized experiences.

Easily personalize your experience

By facilitating the handling of your showroom, you not only reduce and facilitate operational work, but also ensure that the value of the experience is enormously increased.